The United States 2020 Election is one of the most consequential elections for global business in history. Ryan Connelly, Practice Leader for Global Economics & Scenarios outlined our base case scenario in April 2020 as a Biden Presidency with a Republican Senate. The election has since been called for Joe Biden, though two Senate seats in Georgia are still up for grabs.

In our base case, Biden will be constrained in the Senate and will make few dramatic changes, focusing instead on economic recovery. Biden’s term will be moderate, and many policies will reflect Trump-era shifts that can win Senate Republicans’ support. Biden will not return to economic globalization but will continue to prioritize American manufacturing and investment.

Listen to the full webinar recording for a discussion between our CEO, Richard Leggett, and the Practice Leader for Global Economics, Ryan Connelly, for an overview of the US 2020 election results, and a discussion of all the implications for business operations across the globe in 2021 and beyond.

Watch the full webinar presentation below:

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