Protect Your Business from Geopolitical Disruption

Taiwan’s future is increasingly on the minds of senior executives. Years of US-China tensions and the Russian invasion of Ukraine have brought the specter of war much closer for many multinational leadership teams and raised questions about the potential impacts of a war between China and Taiwan—and maybe even the US.

US-China-Taiwan risks are reshaping global business

These risks are so significant, that in our latest survey, 30% of polled clients said they are working on a contingency plan to protect their business in Asia from US-China decoupling, while another 19% said they are executing aspects of their contingency plans and de-risking their business. The immediate implications for investment into China are clear: companies are hesitating to put new investments into the market due to concerns about risk exposure.

The risk of a China-Taiwan-US war is low, but stretches far into the future and would be incredibly disruptive if it materializes. Even a lower-impact event, such as a blockade of Taiwan, is something that could disrupt global supply chains, chip supplies, international trade, and global growth. 

Our US-China-Taiwan Scenarios report lays out a structured, systematic risk-management approach for evaluating and measuring the risk in US-China-Taiwan relations. It can be used as a starting point for risk assessments, contingency plans, and monitoring exercises, as well as a communication and alignment tool as leadership teams look for a way forward despite looming risks.

Next Steps and Contingency Planning

Contingency planning starts with a well-reasoned set of scenarios for how the relationship between the US, China, and Taiwan is likely to evolve, including the likelihoods, triggers, and signposts of each of these scenarios, and their economic, operational, and geopolitical implications. On that basis, MNCs can then confidently build contingency plans or define de-risking actions that support them in minimizing risk exposure. Companies that fail to prepare would not only be more exposed should any of these risks materialize, they are likely to increasingly come under scrutiny from investors and stakeholders to demonstrate how they are tackling these risks. FrontierView’s report provides the best tools to protect your business from any potential disruption.

Now is the time to prepare your business for the highest-impact scenarios and integrate the risks of China-Taiwan-US relationship into your investment decisions and risk mitigation strategies. 

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