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As you launch and execute your 2024 strategic planning, our extensive experience will support you in this process. We have developed a robust APAC webinar series to help you and your team align on the major dynamics shaping the world in 2024.

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China’s accelerated implementation of the DRG/DIP payment model

While China had a late start in implementing DRG payment models, it has made remarkable progress in the last three years, with the inception of its own DIP model, rapid implementation in pilot cities, and diverse subnational policy initiatives aimed at integrating the new payment model with other ongoing reform agendas. In 2024, we expect a steady expansion of DRG/DIP adoption and a more coordinated approach across regions as more provinces emulate the policies established in pilot cities.

In this webinar we will dive into the main implications for suppliers to the healthcare system, uncovering how different provinces and cities have been piloting their own policy innovations around DRG/DIP, and how changes to provider behavior will impact purchasing preferences and decisions.

March 19, 2024

9:00am – 10:00am SGT

Capturing opportunities in APAC in 2024

APAC will see an acceleration in growth in 2024, with pockets of opportunity across sectors and geographies. Lower inflation and reduced credit costs will boost demand across the region, but companies may face a more challenging pricing environment, strong competition, and external risks, for example from higher food prices. Firms will also need to reckon with a complex demand environment in China.

Planning for China’s uncertain outlook in 2024

China’s post-reopening rebound has disappointed, raising questions about the pace, sustainability, and future of the market’s growth. In this webinar, we discuss FrontierView’s scenarios for China’s economic performance in 2024, where companies can find the best opportunities in the market next year, and how policy changes could affect the economic and operating environments.

Sustaining strong growth across a shifting APAC portfolio

APAC executives face a period of extraordinary opportunity marked by heightened uncertainty. With key American and European markets set to slow in 2023, Asia Pacific offers a range of markets poised for continued expansion. Join us for an interactive webinar, in which we will provide pressure-tested perspectives on APAC’s shifting business environment and discuss how to mitigate risks while capitalizing on upside.

Preparing for Heightened Volatility in Developed APAC Markets

Developed APAC markets face higher levels of economic uncertainty than they have in years. Watch our interactive webinar to learn more about the historically high inflation, rising interest rates, widespread consumer pessimism, and a weakening global economy are leading to major demand planning, pricing, and growth challenges.

Capturing opportunities in China’s increasingly complex business landscape

Multinationals in China are navigating a period of extraordinary turbulence and change. During our interactive webinar, we support this imperative with clear perspectives on the country’s economic trajectory, the Two Sessions, the ongoing real estate crisis, and the tensions between China and the US.

Capturing growth in ASEAN in 2023

Companies operating in Southeast Asia face a complex environment full of tailwinds and headwinds this year. The region will benefit from strong domestic pent-up demand and a continued tourism recovery, bolstered by China’s reopening. At the same time, ASEAN’s extensive global connections will expose it to high commodity prices and rising interest rates. Watch our interactive webinar to learn more.

Capitalize on Opportunities in India Amid a Challenging Global Environment

India is poised to be APAC’s fastest growing market this year; it likely just overtook China as the world’s most populous country; and its government is eager to attract investment. Watch our India webinar as we outline our expectations for the economy and provide recommendations for companies looking to capitalize on its strong growth in 2023.

Preparing for Heightened Uncertainty in China’s “New Era”

As a new leadership team takes the reins in China, it faces a set of unenviable challenges: continued COVID containment, an imploding real estate market, and heightened international tensions. During this interactive webinar, we address this need with clear perspectives on China’s zero-COVID policy, the future of its real estate market, and what to expect in the country’s consumption and industrial landscapes.

Capitalizing on Opportunities in India Amid a Global Slowdown

With global growth expected to slow significantly in the coming months, companies—particularly in Asia—will come under increasing pressure to capitalize on bright spots to hit targets. Join our webinar on the outlook for India, where we highlight growth expectations, demand dynamics, and government priorities to enable companies’ strategic plans for 2023.

Navigating Stagflation Without Undermining Your Growth Prospects in APAC

Executives in APAC face an extraordinarily challenging business landscape. Zero-COVID policies in China, war in Ukraine, and monetary tightening in the US are driving up costs. During this interactive webinar, we will provide you with clear views on APAC’s shifting business landscape and timelines for recovery and renormalization.

Capturing ASEAN’s Growth Potential While Navigating Operational Challenges

After two years of pandemic-driven disruption, an ongoing global slowdown is complicating ASEAN’s economic recovery. During this interactive webinar, FrontierView highlights opportunities in the B2B, B2C, and B2G sectors while accounting for operational challenges and key political risks in the region.

Navigating Headwinds in Developed APAC Markets

Markets in Developed APAC are facing a period of extraordinary uncertainty driven by forces such as inflation, currency depreciation, weakening consumer sentiment, and slowing manufacturing activity. During this interactive webinar, we share clear perspectives on the macroeconomic environment, growth dynamics, and demand trends across Japan, Australia, and South Korea.

Global decoupling risks: Planning for the future of US-EU-China relations

In this interactive webinar, Oxford Analytica and FrontierView experts will discuss the outlook for US and EU relations with China, the risks of broader global decoupling, as well as implications from a policy and international business perspective. We’ll tackle questions about the biggest risks from a policy perspective to plan for.

From the Two Sessions to the 20th Party Congress: Where does China’s economy go from here?

The Chinese economy faces some stiff challenges this year, and many multinationals on the ground find themselves in an increasingly uncertain environment. We offer our analysis on policy moves from the Two Sessions and the 20th Party Congress, likely shifts in the economic and business outlook.

Planning for Demand Recovery and Healthcare Resurgence in Asia Pacific

FrontierView’s team presents a look at Asia Pacific’s demand recovery in the medium and long terms, along with the implications for funding, market access, and reimbursement dynamics. Our discussion will center on how to drive healthcare spending to be a priority and consider medium-term demand and funding outlooks for China, Japan, India, and emerging ASEAN.

Navigating Persistent Uncertainties in Developed APAC Markets

This webinar will explore our updated views on Japan, Australia, and South Korea for the remainder of year. We will outline our revised growth expectations, identify key trends in consumer spending, highlight opportunities for business investment, and explore recent currency volatility to help multinationals achieve their commercial targets in 2022.

Navigating Continued Uncertainty and Complexity in APAC in 2022

APAC executives are eager to see their markets’ growth find more stable footing in 2022. Join us for an interactive webinar in which we will provide you with clear-eyed views on a number of critical factors, putting you in a better position to allocate resources, challenge local teams’ assumptions, and align corporate expectations.

Pressure Testing Assumptions about India’s Economic Recovery

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the latest outlook for the Indian market, including our revised forecasts, risks to the outlook for 2022 as well as where we see emerging opportunities for multinationals, plus government priorities in the next budget cycle.

The Outlook for Southeast Asia in 2022

The Delta variant has created substantial disruptions across Southeast Asia, delaying the region’s recovery and raising questions about its growth prospects. Given ASEAN’s relatively low levels of vaccination, executives should expect these disruptions to continue into 2022. During this interactive webinar, we will provide insight on the region’s economic growth prospects, highlight trends affecting consumer and business sentiment, and identify key macropolitical risks for MNCs in 2022.

The Outlook for Developed Asia in 2022

Asia Pacific’s largest developed markets will continue to see a staggered recovery from COVID’s impact, with Australia leading the way, South Korea following closely, and Japan lagging behind. Nevertheless, with all three markets set to achieve widespread vaccination in H1 2022, a return to normalcy is now on the horizon. This webinar on FrontierView’s outlook for Developed Asia Pacific will outline our growth expectations, highlight shifting trends in spending patterns, and identify potential risks in 2022.

The Outlook for China in 2022

Multinationals operating in China face a more uncertain domestic environment than they have in years. The business landscape is shifting rapidly, as Xi Jinping reshapes government policy on numerous fronts. The economic environment is becoming more volatile, with many indicators fluctuating widely (by Chinese standards). During this interactive webinar, we will provide insights into how and why government policy is shifting, lay out our expectations for growth, and highlight key macropolitical risks for MNCs in 2022.

The Outlook for Asia Pacific in 2022

Asia Pacific will continue to grow rapidly in 2022; however, its lead over other regions globally will be diminished relative to years past. In this uncertain environment, executives who understand these dynamics will be better positioned to capitalize on pockets of opportunity and outperform their peers. During this interactive webinar, we provide you with clear views on major markets across Asia that will allow you to prepare your organization for a successful 2022.

How Will the Outlooks for Emerging Asia’s Healthcare Markets Change in 2022?

Our APAC healthcare analysts walk you through the healthcare policy and expenditure outlooks for India and Southeast Asia’s emerging healthcare markets in 2022, sharing our expectations for the macroeconomic conditions, healthcare funding dynamics, and policy initiatives that will shape performance in these key markets.

The outlook for india in 2022

India’s economy is recovering rapidly from the disruption caused by its second wave of COVID, supported by low case counts, an ambitious vaccination drive, and pent-up demand. This webinar on FrontierView’s outlook for India provides our expectations for economic recovery, highlights measures affecting consumer and business sentiment, and features key geopolitical risks for MNCs in 2022.

What Will Shape Performance in Key Developed Asia Healthcare Markets in 2022?

Our APAC healthcare analysts walk you through the healthcare policy and expenditure outlooks for Japan, South Korea, and Australia in 2022, discussing our expectations for the macroeconomic conditions, healthcare funding dynamics, and policy initiatives that will shape performance in these key markets.

Reassessing Expectations for China’s Healthcare Landscape Beyond 2021

As you set your demand expectations for next year, let our APAC healthcare analysts guide you through our healthcare policy and expenditure outlook for Q4 2021 and 2022 for China. This webinar outlines our initial expectations for 2022, including COVID-19 pandemic management and vaccination timelines.

Navigating Asia Pacific’s Uneven Recovery

As the year progresses, Asian markets’ growth prospects will continue to diverge. During this interactive webinar, we provide you with clear-eyed views on major markets across Asia that will allow you to course correct for market shifts, align expectations across your team, and prepare your organization for a successful H2.

ASEAN’s healthcare landscape for 2021

In this webinar, FrontierView’s research team shares our revised expectations for the region’s diverse healthcare  landscape, as governments across the region balance combating COVID-19 with pursuing long-term healthcare policy priorities.

The Outlook for China 2021

China entered 2021 on firmer economic footing, gradually leaving behind the impact from the pandemic’s initial outbreak. In this webinar, we discuss China’s economic outlook and how its 14th Five-Year Plan will affect the business landscape and MNCs.

The Outlook for Developed Asia 2021

Developed countries in the Asia Pacific region will likely see a staggered recovery to pre-pandemic levels over the next few years. This webinar on FrontierView’s outlook for Developed Asia Pacific in 2021 will outline our growth expectations and potential areas of risks and opportunity in Australia, Japan, and South Korea over the coming quarters.

INDIA in 2021

The Indian economy is expected to recover to a large extent in 2021, after posting one of its worst-ever growth prints in 2020. This webinar will provide insight on the expectations for a recovery in economic growth, highlight measures affecting consumer and business sentiment, and feature key geopolitical risks for MNCs in 2021.

Preparing for an Uneven Recovery in Asia Pacific

2021 promises to be a year of uneven recovery for Asia Pacific, as vaccines are rolled out and lockdowns are fully lifted in select countries. We will not only discuss which markets are likely to see the greatest upsides from vaccination efforts, but also discuss how global events are likely to impact the business landscape.


FrontierView’s research team will share our revised expectations for China’s healthcare landscape, as the reimbursement outlook achieves normalization and healthcare authorities pursue deepening healthcare reforms.


This webinar on FroniterView’s oulook for Southeast Asia will provide insight on the expectations for a recovery in economic growth, highlight measures affecting consumer and business sentiment, and feature key macropolitical risks for businesses in 2021.


Please join us for a discussion on a range of opportunities and risks beyond COVID-19 shaping the global business environment for multinationals in 2021, with a particular focus on themes for Asia Pacific executive teams.

northeast asia healthcare

We share our revised expectations for Japan and South Korea’s healthcare landscape over the coming months, as these governments confront a challenging winter, seek to rollout COVID-19 vaccines, and support other healthcare spending priorities.

india’s healthcare outlook for 2021

We share our revised expectations for India’s healthcare landscape through FY 2021-2022, as the Indian government seeks to drive an ambitious healthcare reform agenda while accelerating the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines over the coming year.

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