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As you launch and execute your 2024 strategic planning, our extensive experience will support you in this process. We have developed a robust LATAM webinar series to help you and your team align on the major dynamics shaping the world in 2024.

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Unveiling Latin America’s B2C market potential

Inflation dynamics continue to diverge in LATAM, with price increases slowing in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Peru, while continuing to accelerate in Colombia and Argentina. Against this backdrop, there continues to be meaningful political movement that will impact the operating environment in the years to come. In Argentina, with President Alberto Fernández and ex-President Mauricio Macri out of the running, libertarian candidate Javier Milei is leading in recent election polls. Brazil’s Congress unveiled its long-awaited fiscal anchor proposal. In Colombia, President Gustavo Petro announced the end of the government’s legislative alliance with moderate political parties. Mexico’s gubernatorial elections will test the popularity of MORENA candidates ahead of the presidential election next year. Finally, Peru’s Congress seems to have tabled the conversation on early elections, as protests in the country subside. Join FrontierView’s Senior Latin America Analyst Cecilia Godoy to explore the implications for opportunity and risk for B2C multinationals.

July 20, 2023

10:00am – 11:00am EST

Revisiting plan assumptions for Latin America’s healthcare markets

Pharmaceutical and medical device companies are confronting rising uncertainty in key markets in Latin America, as leftist governments attempt to overhaul healthcare systems and, in some cases, industrial policy. The likely revival of localization policies by the Lula administration is driving increasing concern, particularly for pharmaceutical companies.

Seizing opportunities for B2B companies in Latin America

During this session, we lead a moderated discussion on Latin America’s economic and business outlook for 2023. We revisit key growth assumptions for the region given recent developments affecting global drivers, including China’s reopening, Fed policy, and the war in Ukraine. We identify new winners and losers at the country and industry levels, and highlight key opportunities and risks to monitor in 2023.

Managing expectations for Colombia’s healthcare reform

FrontierView’s Latin America healthcare team facilitates a conversation on outcomes of a healthcare reform. We will focus our discussion on proposals that drastically change the role of HMOs, the elimination of the two branches of the social security system, and expectations for the regulatory and market access environment, as well as potential actions to mitigate the business impact of the top risks in 2023.

Managing Expectations, Risks, and Implications for MNCs amid Changes in Mexico’s Public Healthcare System

Mexico’s healthcare system will find itself in the middle of yet another transition in 2023–2024, attempting to improve its scorecard on progress made in the last few years. In this webinar, FrontierView analysts discuss the outlook for the transition to IMSS-Bienestar, the consolidated purchase process, and potential impacts for the industry in 2023–2024.

Brazil’s Elections: What’s at Stake for Multinationals?

Brazilians will head to the polls to decide whether they will grant Jair Bolsonaro a second term or bring about a new government for the next four years. What does this all mean for Brazil’s economic outlook? Which industries and segments are better prepared to navigate new headwinds over the next four years, and how can multinationals stay profitable in this environment?

Chile’s Constitutional Plebiscite: What’s at Stake for Multinationals?

Voter intention polls have been trending toward increased polarization, and there is a chance that the new text might be rejected. Join us for this timely webinar co-presented by FrontierView and Oxford Analytica to get answers to key questions that will impact Chile’s outlook for years to come.

Brazil’s Healthcare Recovery Ahead of a Highly Polarized Election

In this webinar, FrontierView provides an update on healthcare recovery in Latin America’s largest market. With a highly polarized election less than two months away, this event will alert multinationals to potential risks to their Brazil performance and uncover areas of opportunity as companies plan for 2023.

How Market Access, Funding, and Policy Will Affect the Oncology Crisis in Latin America’s Top Markets

Latin America is facing a crisis concerning the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients. Join our LATAM healthcare research team for this webinar as we discuss key common trends across LATAM markets and highlight the most important updates within the oncology space across your top countries.

Colombia Election Scenarios: Potential Implications and Disruptions to the Business Environment

The 2022 elections will set the agenda for this crucial moment in Colombia and determine the path forward. In this webinar, FrontierView Senior Analyst Andrés Martínez-Fernández will explore Colombia’s electoral outlook and scenarios, including consequences for the business environment and MNC performance in 2022 and beyond.

Reassessing Brazil’s Playbook in light of Market Disruption

Despite growing 4.6% and recovering pre-pandemic levels last year, 2022 is shaping up to be a challenging year for Brazil’s economy, and the uncertainty surrounding the Russian invasion of Ukraine will only exacerbate operating conditions. During this hour-long session we share the country’s political and economic outlook, underscoring the challenges and opportunities executives should prepare for.

Healthcare Scenarios for Colombia Amid Rising Election Uncertainty

Gustavo Petro, a long-time proponent of sweeping healthcare reform in Colombia, took a prominent lead in the March 2022 primaries, suggesting a high likelihood of healthcare disruptions during the next administration. During this webinar, FrontierView analysts will discuss the outlook for the election and the potential impacts for the industry.

How to Win in Mexico’s Uneven Recovery

As you execute your plans in Mexico, you may need to revise your assumptions about the country’s economic, political, and operating environments, stemming from both domestic and international factors. During this webinar, we analyze Mexico’s outlook, its key assumptions, and what you can do to stay on course toward your commercial and financial targets.

Revisiting LATAM Plan Assumptions for 2022

As you begin to execute your 2022 plans in LATAM, you might find that some of the assumptions you made last year about the region’s economic, political, and operating environment are already shifting. During this webinar we will analyze changes in key markets in LATAM and what you can do to stay on course towards your commercial and financial targets.

Events to Watch in LATAM for 2022

While LATAM’s outlook for 2022 calls for ongoing—although more moderate—growth, with many risks still facing the region, companies should continue to rely on scenario and contingency planning. In this webinar, Director for Latin America Research Pablo Gonzalez will explore the key events that could disrupt economic and business performance in 2022 and beyond.

What to Expect from Chile’s and Argentina’s Pivotal Elections in November

Argentina and Chile are gearing up for pivotal elections. In Argentina, midterm elections will shape political dynamics ahead of 2022. The stakes are also high in Chile; the country will hold a presidential election concurrently with an unprecedented constitutional process to redraft the 1980 Constitution.

Brazil in 2022: A Pivotal Year for Multinationals in the Market

During this session, our Brazil Analyst, Cecí lia Godoy, explores a number of topics, including Brazil’s recovery thus far and outlook for 2022, identifying winners and losers at the industry and consumer segment levels, and addressing strategic imperatives to stay profitable in the current environment.

LATAM in 2022: The Calm Before the Storm?

Business executives should be cautiously optimistic about 2022, and companies cannot wait until next year to engage in long-term planning. This can’t-miss webinar features our new debt sustainability and social stability index for Latin America, a key tool for prioritizing long-term investments in the region.

Understanding Latin America’s Economic Recovery from COVID-19

Despite significant advancements across the region on the COVID-19 vaccination acquisition front in recent weeks, persistent uncertainty remains as countries continue to adjust to their social distancing and fiscal stimulus measures in response to local conditions.

Mexico Outlook for 2021

COVID-19 cases continue to increase across Mexico as the government tries to obtain enough vaccines in 2021. Based on the latest data reported, our 2021 GDP forecast has been revised downward from 5.2% to 4.1% because of the pandemic’s impact in Q1 on consumption and investment.

US Election impact on latin america

As we happily embrace 2021, here in the USA, the Biden administration will take office in January, which will lead to a rapid change in policy direction domestically and internationally. Join us for a fireside chat about our expectations for Latin American countries.

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