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As you launch and execute your 2024 strategic planning, our extensive experience will support you in this process. We have developed a robust global webinar series to help you and your team align on the major dynamics shaping the world in 2024.

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Leveraging registry data across global healthcare markets

During this webinar, FrontierView’s team will discuss case studies of how successful companies have been able to identify market growth opportunities across global healthcare systems leveraging FrontierView’s Diagnostic and Procedures Datasets, amongst the largest centralized sources of global public registry data. We will provide examples of companies that have successfully monitored and forecasted shifts across the patient care pathway, trends across procedure types (e.g. invasive v. minimally invasive), pandemic related recoveries, the impact on location of care driven by shifts in populations within countries, and white space identification looking at per-capita trends amongst others. Viewers can expect to find new ways to leverage data to uncover growth opportunities for existing and future products.

June 4, 2024

9:00am – 10:00am EDT

Leveraging innovative access models to overcome barriers to reimbursement

As healthcare MNCs push technological boundaries to address more complicated healthcare challenges, it is becoming increasingly important to build innovative methods to overcome tight payer budgets and growing uncertainty around potential clinical outcomes (accentuated by contradictory incentive structures and a lack of disease and technology awareness in many cases).


The global pandemic created a new reality and fundamentally changed the way healthcare companies engage with stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem. For companies to stay relevant and competitive in the post-pandemic world, hybrid engagement, a strategic and balanced approach that combines both analog and digital engagement methods, is imperative.

Revisiting the global outlook for 2024

As companies kick off 2024, it’s important to ensure assumptions built into budgets for the year still stand. During planning season 2023, companies saw volatility in the geopolitical environment, uncertain growth dynamics, and open questions about price sensitivity. These all create uncertainty about the ability to execute 2024 plans. In this webinar, we’ll revisit assumptions about the growth, demand, and risk.

Global events to watch for 2024

2024 may be our first post-pandemic “new normal” year, but many potential surprises still lurk. In this webinar, we’ll discuss FrontierView’s shortlist of disruptive events to watch for next year, with context and commentary on how they impact markets globally and what companies can do to prepare. Expect a provocative conversation and practical suggestions to help you stay on top of what next year may bring.

Navigating the recovery in 2024

Is the global economy heading for a meaningful recovery in 2024? Will we see a bounce back in major markets like Europe, the US, and China? How will inflation, credit costs, and geopolitical risks evolve in 2024? This webinar provides a perspective on what companies can expect from the macroeconomic and political environment next year and how they should be thinking about planning for 2024.

Changing global supply chains: MNC survey results & implications

Friendshoring. China for China. Regionalization of supply chains. Beyond the headlines, there’s what companies are actually doing to change their supply chains post-COVID. Join FrontierView’s team to review the results of our proprietary benchmarking survey on how MNCs are changing their supply chains, where they are localizing further, and what challenges they are facing.

Global outlook for 2023-2024

Multinationals are assessing plans for 2024 in the face of considerable uncertainty. How will inflation evolve and what will this mean for pricing? Will we see continued high credit costs and what are the ripple effects of these? Where would we see demand picking up the most? What are the biggest risks we need to manage for next year? In this webinar, we share forecasts, analysis, and perspectives on how to think about 2024 planning and what this means for the remainder of this year.

Global Outlook for 2023: Opportunities and Risks for MNCs

In this webinar, we revisit our base-case expectations for the global economy in 2023, providing an up-to-date view on key growth dynamics; trends across FX, geopolitics, interest rates, and inflation; and updates on any planning assumptions that may be different from what companies put into plans in late 2022. This webinar supports companies looking to pressure-test budgets, finalize 2023 plans, or evaluate what may have changed since key assumptions were made earlier this planning season.

Global Events to Watch for 2023

2022 was full of surprises and 2023 looks no simpler. From geopolitical risks to macroeconomic vulnerabilities, there are a number of disruptive events companies need to think through. In this webinar, we go through FrontierView’s shortlist of disruptive events to watch for next year, with commentary of how they impact markets globally and what companies can do to prepare. Expect a provocative conversation and practical suggestions to help you stay on top of the surprises next year may bring.

Building resilient 2023 plans: Global outlook & implications for multinationals

Multinationals are facing one of the most challenging planning seasons in years as the global economy struggles with slowdowns in key markets, high inflation, geopolitical risk, and rising interest rates. This webinar focuses on what firms can expect from the global economic and political environment in 2023, where there will be opportunities to explore, and practical steps they should consider in their 2023 plans.

Global decoupling risks: Planning for the future of US-EU-China relations

In this interactive webinar, Oxford Analytica and FrontierView experts will discuss the outlook for US and EU relations with China, the risks of broader global decoupling, as well as implications from a policy and international business perspective. The discussion also highlights implications for how multinational businesses as well as policymakers should respond and plan going forward.

Global Outlook for 2022: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Since many corporate plans were finalized in late 2021, we’ve seen several changes that could affect MNC expectations—the emergence of the Omicron variant, more aggressive interest rate increases by the US Federal Reserve, uncertainty between Russia and Ukraine, and even more risks to global supply chains. In this webinar, we cover the main macroeconomic, geopolitical, and operational factors MNCs need to plan for in 2022.

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