Global and local disruptors continue to buffet Asia Pacific

Disruptive forces—both external and internal—are buffeting Asia Pacific. They are upsetting business activity, weighing on household spending, and forcing some governments to divert resources. Nevertheless, APAC is positioned to grow more quickly than many other major regions globally, so executives on the ground should prepare to face ambitious targets, even as they navigate increased volatility.

Trends and Updates

  1. APAC markets will exhibit marked differences in their growth rates and volatility levels
  2. Most APAC markets will continue raising interest rates, but none except Pakistan will match the US
  3. China’s economic trajectory is more uncertain now than it has been in decades

What should you do next?

Prioritize your markets: Economic performance and risk will vary substantially across the Asia Pacific portfolio in 2023. Executives who understand the underlying dynamics will be well placed to allocate resources effectively and maximize their management impact.

Align internally: Many multinationals are suffering from substantial misalignment between their country, regional, and global teams.  Those that use unbiased perspectives to drive critical conversations and bring disparate views into line will be more agile than those that don’t.

Prepare to pivot: Asia Pacific’s business environment has rarely exhibited so much uncertainty.  Executives who identify potential sources of disruption as they develop their strategic plans for next year will be best placed to pivot if events unfold in unexpected ways.

To pressure test your 2023 planning assumptions and support your drive for continued profitable growth, we recommend reviewing our updated APAC Outlook.  FrontierView will help your teams align behind a specific, actionable view on how the regional environment will affect your business and how you can thrive despite external headwinds.

Download an Executive Summary of the APAC Outlook for 2023

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