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Use scenario planning to navigate a volatile and uncertain year Egypt will face high inflation and […]
Algeria’s growth trajectory has been boosted by stronger hydrocarbon exports and government spending Despite a promising […]
While growth has been revised downward through 2024, it will remain robust by regional standards While […]
Inflation will remain high through H1 2023 before beginning to ease in H2 B2Cs should expect […]
Domestic business demand is likely to remain volatile and government investment will stall through 2022 Ongoing […]
Record inflation will dampen purchasing power and growth Accelerating prices will increase challenges in a country […]
GCC allies pledge support for Egyptian economy as it struggles from surging food prices in the […]
Egypt’s central bank will continue to protect FX reserves and aim for a stable currency Policymakers […]
Iran flag
Talks will accelerate closer to the EU’s ideal mid-February deadline If a nuclear deal is reached, […]
Unemployment in Morocco further increased in Q2 2021, rising by 0.5% YOY to 12.8%. This was driven by an […]