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The fallout from the pandemic is beginning to become apparent across issues such as centralized procurement, […]
Despite optimistic sentiment in many global headquarters, 2021 will be a challenging year. We expect rapid […]
*COVID-19 vaccination data is rapidly changing. The views reflected here are up to date as of […]
Western Europe has been severely affected by COVID-19, and the resurgence in new COVID-19 cases linked […]
The 2021 global economic outlook is more uncertain than at almost any other point in memory, […]
Myanmar flag
Myanmar experienced a military coup on February 1, 2021, during which military leaders captured Ang San […]
new frontiers for strategic planning processes
FrontierView’s global Head of Research, Martina Bozadzhieva, had the opportunity to speak to The Wall Street […]
Buenos Aires, Argentina
The last three months of 2020 saw a moderate improvement for Argentina’s economy, as social distancing […]
As United States President, Joe Biden’s foreign policy priorities will not put Latin America at the […]
With policymakers highly focused on the functionality of Latin America healthcare systems amid the pandemic, 2021 […]
central europe
Despite the reintroduction of new COVID-19 restrictions across Central Europe, the effect on local manufacturing has […]
Global Events to Watch 2021
The 2021 global economic outlook is more uncertain than at almost any other point in memory. […]
healthcare funding image
Many Latin American finance ministries are approving austere healthcare budgets for 2021 as compared to their […]
3 ways to prepare for brexit
FrontierView’s expectations for a timely UK-EU zero-tariff Free Trade Agreement (FTA) deal were met, confirming our […]
Dubai UAE skyline
The Middle East Africa (MEA) region will gradually emerge from the challenges brought by COVID-19, growing […]