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As Latin America enters 2021, we are increasing our focus on assessing vaccination timelines and the evolution of stimulus across countries in the region, while still closely monitoring COVID-19 as it pertains to the imposition of new social distancing measures. Vaccination has slowly begun in Latin America, with Argentina currently leading inoculations per 100 people, although only 0.6% of Argentines have been vaccinated, compared to 5% in the US. Argentina’s potential portfolio of vaccines—which includes the COVAX initiative and Pfizer—provides provide the country the opportunity to continue as a regional leader in immunizations. However, Argentines hold reservations about the Sputnik V vaccine, which could slow down the national immunization process if the other vaccines do not arrive soon. According to Poliarquia, 39.0% of Argentines trust the Sputnik V vaccine compared to 60.0% who trust the Pfizer and AstraZeneca/Oxford University vaccines.

Brazil will likely withdraw stimulus at a quicker pace than countries with greater fiscal capacity, such as Chile and Peru, while Mexico will increase its social spending this year. Meanwhile, new COVID-19 cases have continued to rise in recent weeks, making several countries walk back their economic reopening plans. On the positive side, higher commodity prices, especially for copper and soy, are providing upside for Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Peru, and another round of stimulus by the Biden administration will boost growth in the US and Mexico.

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