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While Latin America’s macroeconomic environment is expected to remain broadly stable in 2024, the region faces […]
Firms should continue to monitor new developments within the Frente Amplio, particularly Gálvez’s continued rise. While […]
The AMLO administration will continue to make waves during the pre-electoral period, but they are unlikely […]
lithium batteries
The lithium industry’s importance will rise in the region, as a focus on expanding social rights […]
Ecuador is on the brink of a constitutional crisis
Expect continued political instability until it is determined whether Lasso will be able to move forward […]
Inflation’s rise, despite government measures to bring it under control, is impacting the political debate ahead […]
Concerns about Mexico’s institutions could erode the country’s investment attractiveness Firms should continue to monitor developments […]
Structural challenges, particularly weak rule of law, could undermine Mexico’s nearshoring opportunity Firms will undoubtedly face […]
The costs of maintaining the IEPS subsidy are likely to grow While “republican austerity” has characterized […]
Chile’s debt levels increased sharply during the pandemic and continue rising Although the government has argued […]
Newly sworn-in President Boluarte is likely to face challenges similar to those of her predecessor, meaning […]
The government will continue to protect the central bank’s reserves amid energy import pressures into 2023 […]
The influx of USD will enable the BCRA to maintain a controlled pace of ARS devaluation […]
Appetite for reform remains strong, but the path forward is not yet clear Firms should closely […]
With less than two weeks to go until the referendum, opinion polls have barely budged Firms […]