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If the constitution is rejected, Chile would revert to its previous magna carta, which has high […]
All in all, oil-exporting countries will weather Ukraine’s impact the best As 2022 inflation rises beyond […]
Closely monitor any government announcements related to capital controls to assess potential impacts on the operating […]
Trust in the constituent assembly has declined in 2022 Firms should brace for continued instability in […]
San Tiago, Chile
The shape of Chile’s economic and political model should become clear later this year Firms should […]
To date, the impact of high levels of political uncertainty has been seen on the sol, […]
The election results led to a rally in the peso and strengthened Chilean government bonds. Still, […]
Firms should closely monitor political dynamics within the Frente de Todos following the midterm defeat. While […]
Firms should engage in scenario planning, as the outcomes of Chile’s presidential and congressional elections are […]
Castillo’s likely shift toward a more moderate policy agenda is a positive signal for investors and […]
Following a faster-than-expected 2021 rebound, Argentina’s economic recovery will slow in 2022 amid 50%+ inflation, heightened […]
On September 12, Argentina held its PASO primary elections to enable each coalition to finalize its […]
Barely two weeks in power, the Pedro Castillo administration has been shaped by turmoil. Initial polling […]
Leftwing coalition Apruebo Dignidad and center-right Chile Vamos elected their candidates for the November 21 presidential […]