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European central banks will introduce additional hikes to tame both inflation and currency pressures The tighter […]
The government will need to demonstrate it can tackle immediate macroeconomic pressures, which will likely translate into […]
South Africa's economic recovery loses momentum as structural vulnerabilities pile up
A high-inflation environment will create significant issues for the Bank of England, which will likely have […]
The right parties’ bloc has overtaken the Social Democrats on the back of surging support for […]
Despite positive developments, the UK is still unlikely to avoid a recession through 2023 While new […]
Economic pressure will likely peak in November 2022 through February 2023 before easing in spring 2023 […]
Governments will prioritize certain industries, and some markets will see fewer disruptions Gas flow disruptions will […]
Trade disruptions and new border checks lead to a notable slowdown in trade activity since their […]
Gas supplies to Europe have already dipped compared to previous years, and while flows typically drop […]
While demand may ease, consumer spending will remain a key driver for growth in Central Europe […]
Boris Johnson’s victory does not solidify his position, given the comparable result of his predecessors and […]
Russia’s potential retaliation by cutting off gas supplies will lead to a surge in inflation and […]
The eurozone looks poised to avoid a full recession in 2022, but risks remain tilted to […]