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FrontierView’s outlook hasn’t changed, but risks persist, and direct exposure should be monitored Banking troubles in […]
Red tape and customs checks relating to the NI protocol have been a key driver behind […]
Recent announcements, however, suggest a much more predictable environment is on the horizon The most recent […]
The HUF regains some strength amid positive signals of a political settlement, but risks remains acute […]
Existing gas supplies will likely negate the need for rationing even though European governments missed their […]
Failure to secure EU funding would mean a steeper recession and an effective collapse of the […]
Incorporating and accounting for strategic risks will require a market-by-market approach in the long term For […]
High-likelihood risks will require greater focus on scenario planning through 2023–2024 For a brief video overview […]
Gas shortages in winter 2023 are increasingly likely, and the threat of government-mandated gas rationing could […]
Despite the immediate market-calming effects of the budget announcement, macroeconomic challenges and political risks continue to […]
Expected uptick in demand this winter will translate into renewed upward price pressures MNCs should consider […]
European central banks will introduce additional hikes to tame both inflation and currency pressures The tighter […]
The government will need to demonstrate it can tackle immediate macroeconomic pressures, which will likely translate into […]
South Africa's economic recovery loses momentum as structural vulnerabilities pile up
A high-inflation environment will create significant issues for the Bank of England, which will likely have […]