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The eurozone looks poised to avoid a full recession in 2022, but risks remain tilted to […]
Germany’s slowdown will weigh on other European markets, which are already under pressure from inflation and […]
A surge in inflation and an economic decline could revitalize populist movements across the region MNCs […]
The government’s inability to secure long-term EU cohesion funding may dampen private investment inflows and further […]
Dependence on Russian energy imports will weigh on Germany’s economic performance despite expedient plans to achieve […]
MNCs should consider the impacts of three potential scenarios The expected uptick in prices throughout Europe […]
Europe’s ability to cope without Russian gas will be limited by capacity issues and the persistent […]
Gas shortages and high utility costs could become more acute later this year Recent developments do […]
A potential change of prime minister in the UK would not have an immediate impact on […]
While producers have begun to pass through the higher costs of manufacturing to consumers, elevated producer […]
Tighter restrictions will increase demand volatility and lead to notable HORECA channel disruptions. Major European markets […]
The introduction of vaccine passport requirements, social distancing measures, and, in some instances, curfews will likely […]
City Hall - Belfast, Northern Ireland
Changes to the protocol will likely include the introduction of a special arbitration mechanism to manage […]
Center-right political alliance SPOLU gained the largest vote share in the Czech 2021 general elections last […]
European gas contracts for November delivery jumped to EUR 118.0 from EUR 17.0 six months ago […]