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The rial has depreciated significantly in recent weeks Iran held elections in early March, which saw […]
kuwait sykline
Fiscal consolidation will remain a priority across the GCC Multinationals can expect weaker public demand from […]
The war is having spillover effects on Jordan’s economy Escalating tensions and violence in Gaza will […]
Qatar’s North Field
The first phase of the project is set to commence in 2026 B2B and B2G multinationals […]
Hamas-Israel: Implications Iraq
Prolonged conflict will exacerbate security and economic risks Route-to-market disruptions remain highly likely in Baghdad as […]
Tourist arrivals will likely see a drop in the coming weeks Escalating tensions and violence in […]
Oman emerges as a growing opportunity, while Qatar falls short of expectations Multinationals should reconfigure their […]
workforce localization
Except to see increased localization policies in 2024 Multinationals need to revise long-term market size assumptions […]
High debt levels and persistent unemployment continue to plague growth prospects Firms are advised to maintain […]
Iraq’s parliament has approved the long awaited 2023 budget, with record spending on a public wage […]
kuwait sykline
Recent elections may not ease political tensions in Kuwait MNCs operating in Kuwait must use targeted […]
Qatar’s North Field
Qatar’s importance in your MENA portfolio will increase in 2023 Multinationals will need to work closely […]
The passing of a multi-year budget is expected to provide fiscal stability following a yearlong deadlock […]
A depreciating currency and political uncertainty are risks to monitor this year Further plunges in the […]
Consumption and tourist arrivals have seen a spike in the past few weeks While B2C companies […]