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Qatar’s importance in your MENA portfolio will increase in 2023 Multinationals will need to work closely […]
The passing of a multi-year budget is expected to provide fiscal stability following a yearlong deadlock […]
A depreciating currency and political uncertainty are risks to monitor this year Further plunges in the […]
Consumption and tourist arrivals have seen a spike in the past few weeks While B2C companies […]
Plans to cut CAPEX have been approved, with public spending on salaries maintained B2C demand will […]
Economic reform is on the horizon following months of political standoff Political deadlock has delayed the […]
Early elections may not ease the country’s political crisis Iraq continues to face elevated inflation, with […]
The country’s political uncertainty will persist well into 2023 Iraq’s political crisis will weigh heavily on […]
Oil production is growing, increasing to 4.58 million barrels per day this month Both businesses and […]
Consumer demand should see further recovery in H2 2022, driven by World Cup activity. However, higher […]