The Mexico auto industry will help boost the economy despite being one of the worst-hit countries in Latin America from COVID-19. The current pace of vaccination makes it unlikely that the country will achieve herd immunity in 2021. As of March 23, 2021, Mexico has access to 4.6 vaccines per 100 people, compared to 46.9 vaccines per 100 people in Chile.

Mexico’s outlook remains challenging to forecast amid the COVID-19 fallout and AMLO’s new energy policy. As a result, the peso will appreciate against the US dollar, but will not recover the ground it lost in 2020. The peso has appreciated by around 16%, after reaching the threshold of 25 MXN/USD in early May 2020 during the COVID-19 shock. Since then, the peso has remained stable through AMLO’s policies and the Trump administration, but the risk is still there.

Factors that could help sustain or weaken the peso

US lax monetary policyPemex’s dire financial situation
US economic recoveryBanxico’s legislation that could undermine its independence
Steady implementation of the USMCAUS tight monetary policy
Improvement of business sentimentMexico’s credit rating downgrade
Acceleration of the infrastructure planCOVID-19’s effects
AMLO’s commitment to fiscal stabilityExpansive fiscal policy without a feasible government spending plan

Automotive Industry Macroeconomic Trends

Mexico will face a K-shaped recovery at the industry level overall. However, auto, agriculture, and other manufactured goods will continue to lift exports in 2021 on the back of US demand. The automotive industry will be strengthened by the USMCA, growing automotive exports by up to 8.98%. Exports took a nosedive last year because of weak US demand and the shutdown of most of the auto plants in Mexico, but the strong rebound of the US economy in 2021 will help acceleration.

Auto companies will need to reassess their strategic plans in Mexico, as the USMCA will bring substantial changes after 2023. B2B firms are expected to be impacted, particularly by the inclusion of digital trade, new provisions on intellectual property, trade uncertainty from USMCA sunset provisions, and more.

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