FrontierView’s Brazil Private Provider Review monitors one of the largest and most sophisticated private healthcare markets in the world to ensure that you stay abreast of the highly strategic and competitive landscape that is Brazil’s private provider space. Our newly released review highlights key trends and developments impacting the top publicly traded hospital and diagnostics groups, dissecting the financial position and business strategy of key customers in this market.

Brace for challenges in the months ahead

Private hospitals, clinics, and laboratories in Brazil are among the most sophisticated players in Latin America, boasting state-of-the-art equipment and strong consolidation strategies. While the outlook for this segment is positive over the long term, providers will face challenges over the next 12 months as payers impose greater restrictions on plan networks, dispute reimbursements, and renegotiate payment timelines.

2023 Overview

Strengthen strategies with key customers

The Brazil Private Provider Review monitors investment trends and strategic decisions made by your top customers, enabling you to develop a sales approach tailored to each player.

  • Many providers’ key strategy will be accelerating the integration of newly acquired units, which is particularly challenging from a data integration perspective.
  • Top groups have announced partnerships with major tech companies, signaling competition in the data infrastructure space.
  • Along with synergy capture, providers are looking to partner with leading insurers to guarantee future patient demand.
  • Explore innovative contracts with key accounts, such as risk-sharing and outcome-based models, as providers will be under pressure to adopt new reimbursement methods.

Though multinationals selling to Brazil’s private sector will face a slightly deteriorating operating environment in the short term, there are still opportunities to strengthen your strategies with key customers.

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