FrontierView continues to partner with Microsoft LATAM, evaluating the impact of artificial intelligence on labor markets and economic growth across the region. In our last post, we shared findings from our study on Brazil, showing that the adoption of artificial intelligence could boost the country’s GDP by 7% if properly implemented.

Director of Latin America Research, Pablo Gonzalez Alonso recently returned from São Paulo, Brazil – his fourth stop on the Microsoft Artificial Intelligence tour, discussing the upside and downside scenarios of AI’s impact on Brazil’s economy, society, and labor market by 2030 as well as Brazil’s readiness to adopt artificial intelligence.

According to the study, artificial intelligence can potentially quadruple productivity growth, significantly impacting the labor market – particularly in utilities, corporate service delivery, retail, hospitality, construction, and more. While the country scores low on human capital and the innovation environment, 40% of government services can now be accessed online. Pablo recommends developing a national AI strategy to bridge the gap between the private and public sectors, universities, civil society, experts and academia.

You can learn more about the project findings and implications for Brazil’s public sector here: AI: Hero or villain for Brazil’s public sector?

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