The sudden outbreak of  the coronavirus (COVID19) in China has tested Chinese authorities’ leadership and capacity to manage the public health crisis while keeping the economy afloat. The outbreak has led to a significant downward revision to our China growth forecasts for 2020, from 5.9% to 5.4% —and that is assuming China is able to control the outbreak.  This slowdown in China will jeopardize the global economy in 2020, though the impact will be felt differently across regions.

Firms need to adjust 2020 plans for the slowdown in China and the ripple effects across the global economy and prepare contingency plans should the coronavirus outbreak prove difficult to control.

FrontierView supports clients by covering the most important news in your markets and industries. Here are the latest insights from our analysts’ that are closing covering coronavirus and the potential impact to your business:

  • To help multinational executives mitigate risk and capture opportunities, we recently published our Global Leadership Briefing report for Q1 2020. The report highlights several major trends and forecasts, such as:
    • Developed markets will continue to expand in 2020, though a moderate deceleration is expected in the US and growth in Western Europe is expected to remain stable after disappointing in 2019.
    • The coronavirus outbreak will lead to downward forecast revisions in the coming months. Growing concerns over the rate of growth in China and India have led to jitters for multinationals in Asia Pacific, though growth is expected to remain high compared to other regions and significant opportunities abound in Southeast Asia
  • In FrontierView’s latest webinar, What Coronavirus Means for Multinationals’ Plans in 2020, our experts explore scenarios for how the coronavirus could affect China’s economy over the coming months, and implications for multinationals across different geographies, customer segments, and operational challenges firms are likely to face.
  • Will the COVID-19 outbreak have a lasting impact on global automotive industry production? That is the question we seek to answer in our latest post, What the Coronavirus Means for the North American Automotive Industry. FrontierView’s automotive industry experts outline the risks that could have the largest impact on your business.
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