The coronavirus that is rapidly expanding across China will disrupt many companies’ operations. It will hinder employees’ ability to travel (and potentially come into the office). It will impact companies’ production plans and weigh on demand expectations. And it will require time and attention from senior leaders that would have been useful in accelerating business development.

With this in mind, many companies are beginning to revise their strategic plans for 2020. In our latest webinar, What Coronavirus Means for Multinationals’ Plans in 2020, FrontierView experts explore our scenarios for how the coronavirus could affect China’s economy over the coming months and what impact this will have on different geographies globally. Adam Jarczyk, Director for APAC research, and Ryan Connelly, Practice Leader for Global Economics and Scenarios presented our latest analysis and quantitative scenarios, as well as insights about implications for multinationals across different geographies, customer segments, and operational challenges firms are likely to face.

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