Australia’s daily COVID cases are rising, causing restrictions to tighten across the country and creating uncertainty around Australia’s recovery momentum. Continued supply delays and public hesitancy are contributing to a slower-than-expected vaccine rollout and stagnating consumer activity. These trends point to the expectation that sporadic COVID outbreaks and lockdowns in Australia will last until mid-2022, when over 80% of Australia’s population is likely to be fully vaccinated.

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Key Takeaways

  • Canberra joins Sydney and Melbourne in the list of cities under COVID-19 restrictions after witnessing spikes in COVID-19 cases, limiting Australia’s recovery momentum. The highly infectious Delta variant is likely to cause case spikes and snap lockdowns until a significant proportion of the population is fully vaccinated.
  • The domestic tourism sector is on an upward trajectory since falling sharply in Q2 2020 amid COVID outbreaks and lockdowns in Australia, with total spending in April growing by 2.1% relative to the same period in 2019. However, overnight and day visitor numbers remain below pre-pandemic levels.
  • The central bank has announced its intention to maintain record-low interest rates going into 2024—even as it gradually reduces monetary stimulus. The current US$ 3.8 billion a week quantitative easing (QE) program is expected to end in September, but the unwinding of stimulus will take place in a phased manner over concerns of the impact of recent outbreaks. From September, weekly QE spending will fall to US$ 3 billion until a mid-November review, which will further calibrate spending depending on the state of unemployment and inflation.

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