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2023 inflation will likely reach 6.3% YOY because of potential increases in food, fuel, and imported […]
US Federal Reserve rate hikes, global volatility, and high commodity prices will weigh on the currency […]
Subnational prioritization will yield somewhat different results for B2C, B2B, and B2G companies Companies with a […]
Short-term inflation expectations have cooled, but broad trends still point to higher-for-longer inflation While India’s recent […]
The governments of Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Karnataka, followed by Odisha, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu, are in […]
Pakistan Central Bank's liquid foreign reserves and Pakistan's external public debt
While we have revised down our growth expectations after the war, risks to forecasts tilt heavily […]
Monitor upcoming state budgets, which may have more capacity to increase spending B2B companies that serve […]
Indian flag
While foot traffic has slightly dipped due to the fresh Omicron wave, we do not expect […]
Firms serving the broad manufacturing sector should expect a robust recovery in the sector by Q4 […]
Australia is among a handful of countries around the world that has pursued an aggressive virus […]
Recently released Q2 2021 GDP data showed that the Indian economy grew by a remarkable 20.1% […]
Australia’s daily COVID cases are rising, causing restrictions to tighten across the country and creating uncertainty […]
The prolonged ban on international flights has prompted Australians to replace their international travel plans with […]
The two massive waves of COVID-19 have significantly disrupted India’s economic trajectory, causing economic growth to […]