The Russian economy is seeing a broad recovery both regionally and by industry. The mild, easing restrictions have led to a revival in economic confidence, which allows core districts of European Russia to recover quickly. We see several economic trends in Russia’s regions through 2021.

  • The core Central, Northwest, and Southern Districts suffered initially on account of their large service sectors; however, they have also recovered more swiftly, as the domestic economy reopens, and unemployment and incomes were more resilient throughout 2020.
  • The Urals, Volga, and Siberia Districts have struggled since the second half of 2020, though the outlook is improving as domestic and global demand pick up. This will likely increase employment and incomes in the coming months.

Firms should ensure local partners are prepared for an uptick in demand across regions and industries, as well as to potentially reacquire old customers. 

Public spending continues to grow, but a precarious recovery in regional revenues is a source of risks

Regions saw a considerable deterioration of their financial health in 2020, with 58 regions seeing a deficit at the end of the year. Top-performing regions have remained relatively resilient and retained their credit ratings, while regions that are reliant on energy and mining productions saw a much more significant impact on their finances. However, a notable recovery in oil prices in 2021 should improve their fiscal situations. Regions that rely on manufacturing, agriculture, or have diversified economies have been more resilient and will likely continue to outperform as the recovery gathers pace.

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