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Eleanor Yen
Eleanor Yen, Commercial Associate

We would like to welcome Eleanor Yen as a Commercial Associate on our Asia Pacific team based in Singapore. The first five years of Eleanor’s professional career was evolved in the tourism industry in the field of Business & Experience development. During her placement, she has worked at the Government Tourism board, luxury resorts and business hotels, and managed to gain international exposure when she works in the Maldives, Dubai, the Seychelles, and now Singapore. To get to know Eleanor better, we sat down with her for a Q&A about her new role and what makes her unique.

Q: Why FrontierView? What excited you about this position?

A: FrontierView is a close-knit company, and I enjoy the collaboration with colleagues across the world to support our clients’ unique needs. I constantly get to learn best practices from my teammates, which helps me to develop valuable skills to support clients as they grow in their key markets.

Q: What areas of your specialty are you most excited about exploring or developing with FrontierView?

A: Client relationship management with regional executives, working together with our Research experts to support our clients through our sessions and interactive events.

Q: Do you have any mentors in your professional life?

A: I am thankful to have mentors whom I met across my professional life – they impart some of the skills of working in a different environment/country, understanding, and serving different clients in different markets

Fun fact: Eleanor’s most-used productivity hack is to set out the to-do list the night before, start the morning with the most challenging task for the day and the rest seems easier!

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