The second quarter of 2020—the worst quarter for the global economy since WWII—is over. For most of the world, we expect what we call a swoosh-shaped recovery, i.e., a rapid expansion in Q3 2020, as most countries enter phased social and economic reopenings, followed by a long, slow recovery as each country slowly seeks to recover the jobs lost during the initial few months of the shock.

Our Global Leadership Briefing report is focused on what comes next for the global economy. We encourage business professionals to use scenario analysis to assess the impact on their business from the coronavirus, making sure to incorporate insights from across business units and divisions.

Download an executive summary of our latest Global Leadership Briefing report for a detailed analysis of what comes next for the global economy. The summary includes the following:

  • Updates on the latest revisions to the global macroeconomic outlook
  • Deeper dives on regional trends in both developed and emerging markets, including multinational corporation sentiment
  • Updates on global risks that will have a major impact on the global business environment
  • Separate the signal from noise in the recent pickup in US-China tensions
  • Next steps for corporate, regional, and local teams to continue to succeed in global markets

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