FrontierView’s Middle East and North Africa research team is currently offering a series of webinars on MENA in 2020/2021 exploring the volatile economic environments of three markets across the region amid the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. You can find information on each of the webinars below:

1. MENA in 2020/2021 Webinar Series: Outlook for Egypt | Access the full recording here

The positive momentum Egypt gained in 2019 has been derailed by COVID-19, but the country continues to have the best growth outlook in the MENA region. In this webinar, FrontierView will provide its outlook on the level of pressure on Egypt’s economy, drivers of growth and business opportunities in the country, and the key actions executives can take to mitigate Egypt’s rising challenges.

2. MENA in 2020/2021 Webinar Series: Outlook for Saudi Arabia | Access the full recording here

Despite the twin crises of COVID-19 and the oil price crash, Saudi Arabia continues to provide the largest opportunity in the Middle East and Africa region for multinational companies across sectors. However, this webinar will help executives evaluate the level of impact of the twin shocks on the Saudi economy’s potential in 2021, the outlook for the kingdom’s reform agenda, and how companies will need to adapt to the continuous changes in the country’s operating landscape.

3. MENA in 2020/2021 Webinar Series: Outlook for UAE | Register Here

Although it is the most diversified GCC country, the UAE’s economy is coming under pressure from all fronts. In this webinar, FrontierView will provide scenarios on the UAE’s growth potential after 2020, and how multinational companies can adapt their market assumptions and targets to the country’s pressured business environment.

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