The Delta variant’s high level of contagiousness means that reducing the spread of the virus is an increasingly non-viable goal for governments. Instead, countries will rely on vaccinations to reduce the adverse health outcomes for their populations and limit pressure on healthcare systems. Countries with lagging vaccinations will face severe pressure over the coming months as social distancing strategies fail to completely contain COVID-19, requiring vaccinations to pick up pace. Businesses should now monitor vaccination speed as a key leading indicator for reopening across all markets, including those that previously pursued virus elimination strategies.

Our latest report supports companies as they monitor and assess the progress different markets are making in terms of vaccination, weighing it alongside the likely levels of reopening that are taking place on the ground. The report evaluates the current progress, timelines, and challenges to the global vaccination progress and how your business can navigate the persistent uncertainty in your markets.

Download an executive summary of the Global Vaccination and Reopening View for the latest updates to COVID-19 trends, disruptions, and scenarios to stay ahead of the competition.

Key Takeaways

  • While vaccinations are progressing slowly, except in a small number of markets globally, this does not accurately reflect the level of reopening that is taking place across markets internationally—even ones that are currently facing significant outbreaks.
  • Companies need to understand the overall strategies countries are taking with their approach to the coronavirus and factor those into their plans and assumptions for the speed of normalization of demand.
  • While we currently expect good progress to be made this year in vaccinating vulnerable populations across many major markets, herd immunity is still far off in most places, especially outside of developed markets. That said, we expect a broad reopening trend to take hold through the end of this year.

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