Executives are experiencing many moving parts when it comes to global vaccination and economic recovery. This complex global patchwork creates uncertainty for businesses, but ultimately indicates a potential upside to global growth. FrontierView aims to support companies as they monitor and assess the progress of their most important markets, weighing it alongside the reopening taking place on the ground.

Our latest report from Chief Research Officer, Martina Bozadzhieva, evaluates the current progress, timelines, and challenges to reaching global herd immunity and how your business can navigate the persistent uncertainty in your markets.

Download an executive summary of the Global Vaccination and Reopening View for a regional breakdown of recovery and reopening timelines.

Key Takeaways

  • While global vaccination progress is slow, except in a small number of markets globally, this does not accurately reflect the level of reopening that is taking place across markets internationally‚ÄĒeven ones that are currently facing significant outbreaks.
  • Demand vastly exceeds the current supply of vaccines, resulting in tensions between governments and vaccine manufacturers. Supply chain disruptions and shortfalls should be expected given the complexity and scale of the challenge. You can expect that countries that currently have ample supply may eventually find themselves facing shortages or delays due to insufficient supplies.
  • While we currently expect good progress this year in vaccination for vulnerable populations across many major markets, herd immunity is still far off in most places. That said, we expect a broad reopening trend to take hold starting in the middle of the year.

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