Earlier this month FrontierView, in partnership with International Workplace Group (IWG), held its first Mexico-focused executive breakfast of 2019. This event focused on scenarios for AMLO’s government, and how multinationals should change their Mexico playbook to sustain growth and profitability during AMLO’s sexenio.

In speaking with clients at the event, it is clear that we are starting to see a shift in market sentiment in Mexico. Executives are as doubtful as ever as to their ability to meet their top-line and bottom-line targets this year, which stems from very high political and regulatory uncertainty affecting investment and purchasing decisions. Based on moderated discussions in the room, there is also a general lack of trust in the new government by the business community as to how effective AMLO’s government will be at addressing Mexico’s structural challenges. For example, there were several complaints about lack of technical skills by many new government officials.

Led by Senior Analyst, Alejandro Valerio, our presentation focused on how to “win” in Mexico in 2019 with strategies to protect profitability given slowing demand, rising price sensitivity, and cost pressures. During the forum, it was interesting to see how the vast majority of our clients in Mexico will engage in channel performance optimization programs, reorganization (“to put people in the right places”), and try to reduce operational costs and increase average margins.

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Special thank you to our event sponsor, International Workplace Group (IWG)!

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