For the last 2 weeks I have been traveling in APAC visiting with clients and our teams. After decades of a China-first mindset, regional executives find themselves at a very interesting inflection point for the first time in decades as they grapple with slowing growth, more challenging business conditions, and greater uncertainty in China. These conditions are resulting in revisiting short and long-term strategic plans, resetting long-term market prioritization and portfolio resource allocation assumptions, organizational restructurings and an overall “pivot to profitability” that we’ve seen occur in other developing markets once the rising growth tide started to recede. China will still dominant the regional resource allocation and executive mindshare for the foreseeable future – with more of a profits first mentality – but many executives are hedging their China exposure by looking aggressively at India and Southeast Asia, both for sourcing and production as well as growth.

It was against this backdrop that I took time to sit down with our Southeast Asia analyst, Ashu Agarwal, for a podcast about our latest research study on Channel Design in ASEAN. During this podcast, we discuss how Southeast Asia fits within MNCs APAC portfolio, the factors to evaluate to identify an ideal go-to-market strategy for the ASEAN markets, and common approaches to boost channel effectiveness.

Click below to listen to the podcast.

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