Forecasts for 2020 continue to worsen as global trade growth slows. Slower-than-expected growth in emerging markets such as China, India, and Mexico must be incorporated into 2020 targets, as will slowing performance across major developed markets. While monetary stimulus will likely help offset some of the slowdown, multinationals in Europe, North America, and East Asia should remain wary of overly-aggressive sales targets in 2020. Multinational executives should incorporate scenario-based frameworks and contingency planning as 2020 approaches, with macroeconomic, political, and trade-driven events likely to imperil 2020 performance and operations.

Executives entering 2020 need to continue to assess how a moderate slowdown in global growth and persistent trade uncertainty will affect on-the-ground conditions across their global portfolios. To help multinational executives capture opportunities, we recently published our Global Leadership Briefing report for Q4 2019, examining the following elements of the global business environment:

  • Update on the latest revisions to the global macroeconomic outlook
  • Deeper dives on regional trends in developed and emerging markets, including MNC sentiment
  • Updates on global risks that will have a major impact on the global business environment
  • Emerging opportunities that are increasingly guiding strategic efforts by multinationals across industries
  • Next steps for corporate, regional, and local teams to continue to succeed in global markets

Fear of disruptive trade events will be a major factor driving uncertainty in the global markets through the rest of 2019 and 2020. Executives at global headquarters should prepare to pressure-test the assumptions that local and regional teams are incorporating into their 2020 strategic and financial planning and ensure alignment on the underlying external environment.

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