FrontierView is excited to partner with Microsoft LATAM to evaluate the impact of artificial intelligence on labor markets and economic growth across the region. As discussions around AI permeate board rooms across the globe, Latin America is seeing many opportunities to take advantage of the growing digital landscape.

Director of Latin America Research, Pablo Gonzalez Alonso recently traveled to Puerto Rico on his third stop of the Microsoft Artificial Intelligence tour to present FrontierView’s findings to public and private sector decision makers. According to our latest study, Puerto Rico could increase its GDP growth rate from 1.6% annual average growth to 3.8%, increasing labor productivity and demand for more qualified workers across industries.

For a deeper look into the project findings, read The Weekly Journal’s article on how “Artificial Intelligence Could be Key to Puerto Rico’s Economic Growth”.

Over the next several months, FrontierView will be sharing our insights on the impact of artificial intelligence across Latin America, in partnership with Microsoft LATAM. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn so you don’t miss out on any of the latest updates.

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