Leading executives react to political uncertainty and macroeconomic volatility

FrontierView recently hosted a group of executives from leading pharmaceutical, medical devices and diagnostics multinationals to discuss Latin America’s macroeconomic and healthcare outlook for 2023. The conversations focused on the key drivers of uncertainty for healthcare funding and market access in the region, prioritizing the most critical healthcare markets in Latin America.

While most executives remain modestly optimistic about achieving their revenue and profitability mandates this year, the region is offering persistent dynamics of political and economic uncertainty that will require growing decision-making agility and risk monitoring.

Balancing public policy shifts against evolving patient and provider behavior

  • New governments in Brazil and Colombia have increased funding for healthcare, while attempting to pivot the healthcare agenda toward expanding access to low-income populations through new policy priorities and reform programs.
    • These and other governments across the region are pursuing measures to drive affordability and other policy priorities through interventions that are complicating market access and reimbursement strategies for global healthcare companies. These measures create access barriers and disruptions to patient journeys that reduce incentives for investment in innovative therapies.
  • When it comes to the private sector, healthcare companies are seeing diverging conditions, with private sector insurers confronting growing financial pressures in markets such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia. As patients increase utilization in a post-pandemic environment, the public sector continues to confront major backlogs of screenings, diagnoses and medical procedures.
    • This is driving both policy measures from governments and growing consolidation, particularly in Brazil. It is crucial for Healthcare companies to monitor these dynamics, especially those that have grown increasingly reliant on private demand to offset challenges in the public sector.

FrontierView solutions:

  • By utilizing FrontierView’s monitoring of healthcare reforms and policy moves, firms can stay up to date on shifting government priorities and develop medium and long-term scenarios for performance across their public sector portfolios.
  • Firms can track FrontierView’s benchmarking of industry leaders’ expectations for opportunities for market access and reimbursement to pressure-test their internal assumptions for 2023 growth.
  • FrontierView’s Premium Healthcare Datasets (PHD) provide therapy-specific beneficiary and procedure data across the public and private sectors in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Peru, which companies can use to assess market size and plan new product launches.
  • FrontierView clients can also request personalized briefings with the research experts to receive the latest view on the region as well as the key healthcare markets and obtain answers to pressing policy questions.

Download an executive summary of the key highlights discussed during our Latin America Healthcare Executive Roundtable

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