All too often when companies adapt an online product for a new market, the go-to strategy is: “translate and transplant” – they simply translate their existing product from a market like the US into a new local language version without taking into account potential vastly different user behaviors of their target overseas market segment.

In this podcast episode, Talia Baruch, CEO of Yewser shares expert insights into what it take to successfully launch and position products for new audiences in international markets.

We discuss a range of topics including:

  • How did she define LinkedIn’s product strategy for the China market?
  • What nuances did her team need to adjust for when building new functionality in the Middle East?
  • Why did SurveyMonkey need to adapt to target new industries in the UK?
  • Which challenges do executives encounter time and time again when re-positioning their products for new markets – and how can they ensure they get it right to start with?

More about Talia Baruch

Talia headed International Product Management & Global Growth Strategy at LinkedIn and SurveyMonkey in the last decade. She also mentors startup executives at Google Launchpad, and mentors in Google’s accelerator for startups in emerging markets. In her prior decade in the Silicon Valley tech industry, Talia drove Google Earth and Maps internationalization, managed Starbucks’ brand entry in MENA, and optimized VMware’s product localization in LATAM. In 2017, she founded Yewser, helping companies accelerate growth in international markets. Talia and her in-country geo-expert teams deliver the playbook, roadmap and execution for product geo-fit performance that maximizes international market adoption.

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