Thank you for your interest in our Selling to SSA’s Public Sector report! We are excited to offer you an executive summary of the research.

Public spending is a major driver of growth in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and offers opportunities for MNCs to increase sales across sectors. However, the customer landscape is highly fragmented and information is poor, which makes it hard to understand how to capture demand. MNCs risk missing opportunities and struggle to focus investments and sales efforts optimally and adapt their strategies depending on different market and customer contexts.

This report unpacks the array of public sector opportunities available to MNCs across the region, and provides clarity and guidance on how the customer base is structured, how demand is evolving, and how customer decisions are made. Furthermore, it helps MNCs focus and adjust their approaches by helping them assess the factors that either facilitate or hinder their ability to sell to public sector customers in each of SSA’s 49 markets.

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