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Indonesia and the Philippines grew by 7.1% and 11.8% in Q2, respectively, and have exited the […]
Economic activity across the ASEAN-5 countries is expected to gradually return to pre-COVID levels. The region is expected to […]
Governments across Southeast Asia are confronting surging COVID-19 outbreaks, including in countries that were largely successful at limiting […]
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ASEAN’s recovering economies will present plenty of emerging opportunities for businesses in 2021. Improving consumer spending, […]
Go-to-market strategy
The Lens is a weekly newsletter published by FrontierView’s Global Economics and Scenarios team to highlight […]
For the last 2 weeks I have been traveling in APAC visiting with clients and our […]
new frontiers for strategic planning processes
According to a recent AmCham survey, 80% of multinational executives plan to expand their presence in […]
In my last blog post, we discussed the six most important digital development trends in ASEAN […]
We expect the ASEAN region to continue experiencing robust economic growth and present immense opportunities for […]
It is easy for executives to underestimate Southeast Asia’s market potential, especially when compared to that […]
Sri Lanka’s economy has displayed remarkably consistent economic performance since 2014. Although a small country, Sri […]
Thailand distinguishes itself from other ASEAN markets in a variety of ways: a unique culture and […]
A combination of unique market characteristics (see previous post), heavy reliance on distributors, and a distinctive […]
Multinationals operating in the Philippines are heavily reliant on their channel partners – more than 80% […]
Why are distribution challenges in Vietnam more acute than they are in other major ASEAN markets? […]