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South Africa’s economy is showing stabilization over sustained recovery after a record-breaking recession in 2020. The […]
Economic activity across the ASEAN-5 countries is expected to gradually return to pre-COVID levels. The region is expected to […]
A decrease in COVID-19 cases has eased restrictions over the past few months. More sanctions are expected to be removed by the […]
automotive industry
The Mexico auto industry will help boost the economy despite being one of the worst-hit countries […]
Despite facing a third wave of COVID-19 with more transmissible variants, Germany is projected to return […]
Brazil’s uneven performance will be split into two halves in 2021 as challenges mount in the first half […]
The Ecuador economic system gradually recovered after a national lockdown in the second quarter of 2020 but has had […]
russia healthcare outlook
Russian policymakers are driving significant changes to the national healthcare agenda, as the government balances a […]
Although the Asia Pacific business outlook will continue posting growth rates that are among the world’s […]
Corporate leaders will face many challenges in 2021. COVID-19 will leave lasting scars that will continue […]
Colombia’s government will have two main challenges: ensuring the vaccination rollout is effective and lifts COVID-19 […]
Governments across Southeast Asia are confronting surging COVID-19 outbreaks, including in countries that were largely successful at limiting […]
Russian economy in 2021 post-covid-19
Relative to Western and Central Europe, Russia managed the winter wave of COVID-19 well, successfully flattened […]
Despite optimistic sentiment in many global headquarters, 2021 will be a challenging year. We expect rapid […]
*COVID-19 vaccination data is rapidly changing. The views reflected here are up to date as of […]