The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically accelerated the pace of adoption of telehealth across all of Latin America, yet barriers to execution and implementation for businesses persist. Our Latin America Healthcare team along with Global Health Intelligence shared their views exploring the current state of telehealth adoption across the hospital infrastructure in Latin America and the outlook for IT financing promoting access to quality healthcare via telehealth platforms.

Through this interactive conversation, we explore the opportunities that businesses operating in the healthcare space in Latin America will face in 2021. The key topics include:

  1. Current state of telehealth and electronic record penetration in LATAM hospitals
  2. Outlook for IT funding in LATAM hospitals in 2021
  3. Top near-term opportunities created by telemedicine and electronic record investment for companies operating in LATAM

This event was hosted by FrontierView Healthcare and Global Health Intelligence. FrontierView’s partner, Global Health Intelligence (GHI), gathers market intelligence and performs market research to deliver clients strategic data on healthcare infrastructure in emerging markets, specifically in Latin America and Asia.

Watch the full webinar presentation from Alec Lee, Director of Latin American Healthcare, Brenda Lora, Managing Director, and GHI below:

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