Last week, FrontierView held a webinar to discuss the escalating US-China trade war. This is the first webinar in our Executive Webinar Series, which will run from June through October 2019.

The escalation of trade tensions between the United States and China is creating complex business challenges for multinational and U.S. based companies alike. We continue to to face an economic trade war that threatens the stability of the US and China economies. Tariffs are likely to remain in place and tensions are likely to escalate throughout the year.

In this webinar, Adam Jarczyk, Director for Asia Pacific, and Ryan Connelly, Senior Analyst for Global Economics, explore this dilemma in depth. The frameworks are designed to help you build a contingency plan in order to reassess demand forecasts and current supply chain structure, and consider the key implications of these protectionist policies for global teams, while building resilience across your organization in the face of uncertainty.

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