At FrontierView, we embrace the idea that each member of our team contributes something unique and valuable for our clients and company. Each month, we feature a member of our global team whose current work is driving growth outcomes for our clients.

Senior Analyst for Global Economics and Scenarios, Ryan Connelly

Ryan is based out of our Washington, D.C. office and has been with us for over a year. He has been studying macroeconomics, international relations, and international finance since he was an undergraduate in the DC area. He eventually pursued an MA/PhD in international political economy at John Hopkins.

Ryan is responsible for providing clients with global economic trends that impact their businesses. He writes our weekly newsletter, ‘The Lens’, our Quarterly Leadership Briefings, annual Global Outlook and Events to Watch Reports. Ryan also attends our DC and NYC executive workshops.

What matters most to Ryan in his job is the ability to engage in problem-centric research, be part of a culture that encourages innovation, and work with our clients to improve their business outcomes. “FrontierView is one of the few places that is able to make macroeconomic analysis actionable for clients in the real world.”

Ryan took this to heart in Q4 2019, when he correctly forecast the drop in oil prices, making FrontierView one of the only macroeconomic research organizations that saw it coming. If only he could predict this week’s lottery numbers!

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