Earlier this month, FrontierView, in partnership with International Workplace Group (IWG), held two APAC executive breakfast events in Shanghai. The events focused on how to leverage channel transitions to enhance commercial outcomes in the region.

FrontierView’s Director of APAC Research, Adam Jarczyk, led a discussion on recent shifts in Asia’s trade and production environment, with a focus on trends that have the potential to disrupt multinationals’ businesses this year. Based on the discussion, it was clear that our clients expect tensions between the US and China to remain a feature of the business environment regardless of the outcome of current negotiations. Indeed, polling showed that more than 80% of the attendees believe that there will be further escalation from the US—whether through tariffs, more aggressive measures, or an alliance with other global players.

FrontierView’s Managing Director of Global Research, Martina Bozadzhieva, then led an interactive session on how to leverage channel transition best practices to optimize commercial performance. This conversation proved quite fruitful: less than 30% of executives reported that their teams consistently get ahead of potential transitions and manage them proactively, while over 40% of attendees reported that their teams are generally reactive, and in some cases are blindsided. As we noted during the session, this is not the time to be reactive: companies that do not get ahead of shifts in their channel run the risk of managing major transitions just when the market is becoming turbulent again.

If you have any questions about the event or are interested in attending one of our future events, please contact us below or visit our events page.

Special thank you to our event sponsor, International Workplace Group (IWG)!

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