Each week FrontierView’s global research team shares their view on key media stories, and what the implications are for your business.

Pratima Singh on “India’s Next Government Will Have a Growth Problem”

“Although economic issues were important this election, how the Indian economy’s performance will impact PM Modi’s popularity is yet to be seen. The new government will need to make some urgent policy changes to boost growth. These policies, and the appetite for reform, will be different depending on the party that comes into power and whether they have a majority in the lower house of parliament.”

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Mark McNamee on “Inauguration of Ukraine’s President-Elect Zelenskiy Set for May 20”

“The timing of Zelenskiy’s inauguration is critical as it allows him to call snap elections, which will likely see his party win the most seats of any party and help him install his reform program. Moreover, this will help the country avoid political gridlock this summer as existing lawmakers would have sought to thwart his policies, hurting investor sentiment and threatening the IMF program.”

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Ramiro Sugranes on “Colombia Court Orders Release of Ex-FARC Leader Wanted by U.S.”

“Tensions surrounding Colombia’s fragile peace process are escalating following the Special Jurisdiction for Peace court’s decision to release former FARC rebel group leader Jesús Santrich. Colombia’s top two prosecutors have resigned in disagreement. The ruling will be appealed, but firms should expect heightened peace deal uncertainty as this will intensify legal, social, and political conflicts.”

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Alex Schober on “Argentina Inflation Slows in April in Salve for Macri”

“Inflation in April clocked in at a lower figure than expected  (3.4% MOM vs. 4.0% MOM). While this is certainly a relief for the government, 12-month accumulated inflation is still high (55.8% YOY). We maintain our average CPI forecast of 50.1% in 2019, and MNCs should expect highly price sensitive customers through elections.”

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Ashu Agarwal on “Philippines’ Midterm Election Looks Set to Boost Duterte”

“Duterte is set to consolidate power further following the midterm election held on May 13. Overwhelming support has likely resulted in Duterte gaining more power in both the lower and upper house of the Congress. Increased power is likely to make it easier for Duterte to push through measures such as an overhaul of corporate income tax and incentive laws and infrastructure development plans.”

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Pratima Singh on “The Dubious Management Fad Sweeping Corporate America”

“Using customer satisfaction metrics, like the NPS, in isolation can have some rather unintended, negative consequences. This practice may sometimes lead to employees gaming the system. This is also something we hear regularly from many of the more sophisticated B2B customer experience executives we speak with. The key is to identify what’s driving the metrics rather than to simply focus on the scores.”

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