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Ecuador’s increasingly polarized and disruptive political environment remains a drag on the economy Earlier this month, […]
Moderate parties’ resistance will likely force a softening of the proposed reforms, but some of the […]
El Niño could further drive up Colombia's inflation
With a fragmented Congress, Petro has secured a fragile majority coalition, but he relies on the […]
Each proposal in President Lasso’s constitutional referendum was rejected by voters Ecuador’s regional elections and constitutional […]
Calls to move the general election to December 2023 are intensifying Social unrest in Peru has […]
The tax increases come as Colombia’s economy slows substantially amid high inflation and rising price sensitivity, […]
Peso depreciation will weigh on Colombia’s growth by increasing inflation and undermining business investment Last week, […]
South Africa's economic recovery loses momentum as structural vulnerabilities pile up
Even though a less ambitious reform is likely to be approved, it will still create a […]
In July, leftist populist Gustavo Petro was elected president of Colombia, continuing a regional political shift […]
An embattled pro-business president struggles to appease indigenous groups Widespread social unrest broke out in Ecuador […]
A fragmented Congress and independent institutions will act as a check on Petro’s agenda Leftist populist […]
Hernández is well poised to inherit the entirety of the anti-Petro vote that broke heavily for […]
After a full recovery from the pandemic in 2021, Colombia will continue to see strong growth […]
Recent polling supports a likely runoff between Petro and Gutiérrez, and a victory by Petro Following […]