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An embattled pro-business president struggles to appease indigenous groups Widespread social unrest broke out in Ecuador […]
A fragmented Congress and independent institutions will act as a check on Petro’s agenda Leftist populist […]
Hernández is well poised to inherit the entirety of the anti-Petro vote that broke heavily for […]
After a full recovery from the pandemic in 2021, Colombia will continue to see strong growth […]
Recent polling supports a likely runoff between Petro and Gutiérrez, and a victory by Petro Following […]
The coalition primaries revealed Petro’s strength and the political center’s weakness Sunday’s congressional elections and coalition […]
Prepare your e-commerce channels to capture elevated online sales With rising price sensitivity amid elevated inflation, […]
Underlying challenges to sustained growth remain The end of Puerto Rico’s bankruptcy opens a path to […]
Ecuador’s government has enacted a new tax reform that introduces tax hikes on businesses and high-net-worth […]
Recent modifications to the Guarantees Law will support the economy’s continued rebound in the first half […]
Following a volatile first half of 2021, Colombia will return to an accelerated recovery trajectory bolstered […]
On September 8, the IMF and the government of Guillermo Lasso in Ecuador announced a staff-level […]
On August 20, Colombia’s state-controlled oil company, Ecopetrol, finalized the purchase of a majority stake in electricity transmission company ISA from […]
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Global economies have seen uncertain and uneven recoveries through 2021, and the story is no different […]
Last week, the Colombian government presented its new tax reform for approval by Congress, over two […]