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Abinader’s re-election signals a continuation of policies aimed at economic growth and stability, enhancing governability and […]
Despite fiscal challenges, Mulino’s administration plans a pro-business spending push amid economic slowdown, offering potential opportunities […]
Guatemala's election
Traditional powers will seek to undermine Arévalo’s political project and delegitimize him with various accusations against […]
Ecuador is on the brink of a constitutional crisis
Low levels of confrontation between the government and opposition parties are expected during the first half […]
Ecuador is on the brink of a constitutional crisis
Maintaining his coalition in the National Assembly will be one of Noboa’s main challenges in making […]
El Niño could further drive up Colombia's inflation
Colombia’s GDP shrank by 0.3% YOY in Q3 2023. Excluding the pandemic, the last time the […]
In 2022, Colombia passed a reform that establishes taxes on ultra-processed foods and sugary beverages, which […]
The election results further decrease the so-called “Petro risk” in Colombia, as they limit the government’s […]
With the election of Daniel Noboa, Ecuador selects another center-right president, easing fears of a resurgence […]
Amid a campaign marked by violence and the assassination of Fernando Villavicencio, a runoff between correismo […]