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South-African Rand
Build contingency plans to cope with rand volatility, power shortages, and political uncertainty Firms importing products […]
Takeaways from FrontierView’s Johannesburg Executive Roundtable On April 18, 2023, FrontierView held its biannual Sub-Saharan Africa […]
FOREX shortages will soften but not disappear altogether as the currency depreciates Firms should consider offering […]
MNCs should plan for worsening electricity availability as South Africa heads into winter MNCs should prepare […]
The president’s convincing victory will partly calm investor anxiety over the coming months MNCs can expect […]
Political and security risks present the greatest uncertainty for multinationals in SSA in 2023 For a […]
MNCs selling to the public sector should continue to plan for muted demand growth and tough […]
South Africa's economic recovery loses momentum as structural vulnerabilities pile up
Private sector activity will improve as sentiment strengthens, but public sector demand remains fragile MNCs can […]
Plan for softer customer demand as rising inflation and power shortages dampen sentiment MNCs will face […]
Inflation will rise to a 14-year high in 2022, curtailing customer spending power Intense competition and […]
Plan for an acceleration in public spending ahead of the election, after which budget constraints will […]
The conflict compounds operating challenges including FOREX shortages and rising inflation Most MNCs operating in Addis […]
Prepare for difficult price negotiations with public sector clients The postponement of tax increases to 2023 […]
Intense competition and weak demand growth prevent multinationals from passing on cost increases to customers Margin […]