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Putin aims to win a war of attrition by enhancing effectiveness and efficiency with the help […]
The new aid package, expected to arrive in within a week or two, should prevent substantial […]
Inflation is likely to ease in H2 as the high-base-year effects from late 2023 come into […]
Kremlin will seek to associate the terrorist attack with Ukraine to increase public anger against Ukrainians, […]
With Putin’s unsurprising victory, the focus will now be on mobilizing sufficient resources to support the […]
Tbilisi, Georgia
The elections will serve as a pivotal test for Georgia’s EU membership aspirations, with the ruling […]
The US’s shift toward asset confiscation mirrors the Biden administration’s challenge in obtaining congressional endorsement for […]
The fighting evolves into a protracted war of attrition in 2024, with neither side making notable […]
Understanding the Current State of Russia Relations with Ambassador John Sullivan
While relatively unlikely, the region faces a multitude of risks that could develop rapidly In our […]
New investment and B2G opportunities should emerge as discussions intensify and infrastructure expansion continues Long-term investments […]
The West’s greater engagement with Central Asia will have a limited impact in the near term, […]
Developments in Nagorno-Karabakh are likely to tarnish Azerbaijan’s reputation in the West, but international sanctions are […]
migrants Russia
Although a sharp fall in the ruble led to increased FX pressures both in Kazakhstan and […]
More promises are on the horizon, but the prospects for democracy are dwindling Now that the […]
Water Central Asia Caucasus
Water scarcity poses significant threats to growth outlooks and stability in Central Asia and South Caucasus […]