In response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Latin America, FrontierView, in partnership with Roche, created a forum for open conversation between governments, businesses, healthcare providers, and citizens to adapt and transform collaboration on the development and delivery of vaccines in pursuit of herd immunity. To bring together these audiences from across the scientific, political, academic, and business spectrums, we convened focus groups to explore paths of collaboration in Pharmacovigilance and Quantifying Immunity, in Prioritizing Access to Achieve Herd Immunity, and in Communications for Vaccine Adherence.

FrontierView began by hosting a two-week-long online discussion with separate groups of subject-matter experts in Latin America, leveraging specifically designed questions to identify the top challenges and opportunities with respect to the three selected action areas. We then hosted three separate focus groups, lasting two hours each, that focused on the following three questions:

  1. What actions could have the greatest impact to accelerate the implementation of COVID-19 vaccination programs considering the available vaccines? What are the main risks for this process?
  2. What are the challenges for these opportunities and for mitigating the risks?
  3. What do we have to learn and what actions should we take to leverage these opportunities and avoid the risks?

The focus groups identified key priorities and risks related to the COVID-19 vaccination schedule:

PrioritiesPotential Risks
Public-private sector collaboration is the single most important vector in achieving herd immunityNegative impact on the duration of the immune response of applying a single dose
Invest more in clear, real-world disclosure and communication of information on safety and effectivenessPolarization
Postpone the administration of the second dose (for vaccines that require a booster) when there is sufficient data to ensure safety and effectiveness
Selecting individuals to communicate with diverse groups
The creation of an intersectoral communications committee

Download the full position papers with key insights regarding best practices, potential roadblocks or risks to implementation, and views on the challenges to avoiding these risks in order to streamline the implementation of vaccination programs and the arrival of herd immunity for countries across the region.

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