Brazil struggled to contain the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, but Brazil’s recovery will reach 2019 economic levels at a faster rate compared to other key markets in Latin America. However, as conditions in Brazil continue to improve, we still see key challenges and risks ahead for businesses in 2021.

To see a successful, sustained economic recovery after COVID-19, the Brazilian government will need to retrench and motivate the private sector to fill the current void. To promote investment and employment, the government will need to strike a credible balance between some lingering stimulus measures and pro-growth reforms to reassure investors that Brazil is committed to fiscal discipline—or risk another crisis.

A highly uncertain environment amid recovery risks and structural damage will weigh on investment intentions. Although investment intentions have rebounded from the plunge, they remain well below pre-pandemic levels. We do not expect investment to return to 2019 levels until 2022.

In this webinar, our Brazil research team discusses the still-highly-uncertain COVID-19 outlook for Brazil, expected evolution of distancing measures, as well as the timing and strength of economic recovery in Brazil’s different regions. They also explore what the key implications of this outlook are for Brazil’s political environment, reform outlook, and for different industries and customer behavior across segments. Watch the full presentation to help you identify “the things to get right” in 2021 and think about how to best position your company to compete in a post-pandemic new normal in Brazil.

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