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FrontierView’s 2019 events to watch are the downside and upside scenarios that multinational companies should evaluate to ensure that their strategic plans are resilient when the unexpected occurs. This report is a companion to the base-case scenarios outlined in our Global Outlook for 2019 and our most recent Regional Outlooks.

While our base-case scenarios for 2019 indicate a broad-based global economic recovery, downside risk events are interconnected in ways that can lead to far-reaching, abrupt shifts in the global demand environment. The threat of new trade barriers imposed by the US is tangible, and major economies face domestic fragilities that could significantly impact global trade flows.

The interconnectedness of our events to watch for 2019 should add urgency for MNCs to engage in scenario-analysis exercises and develop robust contingency plans. Companies that are positioned to outperform build contingency plans for high-impact events, allowing them to adapt during periods of volatility and take advantage of new opportunities.

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