In 2019, the world economy will enter a third straight year of broad-based global growth. A combination of rising global interest rates and ongoing trade protectionism will continue to create unexpected turbulence, but is unlikely to derail the ongoing global expansion. Developed markets will grow at a slower rate in 2019 as inflationary pressures lead to the first convergent monetary policy tightening in more than a decade. Higher global interest rates will create new challenges for heavily indebted governments, firms, and households across the world.

Emerging markets will provide opportunities for faster growth, but each market faces its own set of operational challenges. Management priorities include adapting pricing strategies to fit local market conditions; building resilience into global operations to mitigate the impact of trade tensions, currency, and debt shocks; and preparing for the eventual end of the business cycle.

This report will help guide you through the emerging global growth drivers, the priority actions for multinationals, and the outlook for major markets and geographies in 2019.

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