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China Scenarios
The zero-COVID strategy and real estate issues drive substantial uncertainty For decades, China has been a […]
While the region weathered off rising macroeconomic pressures through H1 2022 and outperformed the broader Europe […]
Our Brent crude annual average oil price forecast falls to US$ 100 for 2022, and remains […]
Peso depreciation will weigh on Colombia’s growth by increasing inflation and undermining business investment Last week, […]
The government will need to demonstrate it can tackle immediate macroeconomic pressures, which will likely translate into […]
The economy-first orientation that underpinned China’s growth for the past few decades is about to change […]
The global economy is headed for recession in 2023. We expect global GDP growth to slow […]
Don’t use a single oil brush to paint your market assumptions for 2023. Accurately sizing the […]
South Africa's economic recovery loses momentum as structural vulnerabilities pile up
Ongoing civil unrest will weigh on economic activity Strikes at TotalEnergies have contributed to energy shortages, […]
US Federal Reserve rate hikes, global volatility, and high commodity prices will weigh on the currency […]
Though headline GDP is reaching 12%, non-oil GDP is growing at a more moderate 5.4% B2Cs […]
Two-thirds of major markets experience a contraction in output The downturn in manufacturing is the earliest […]
Economists have been beating the drum of imminent slowdown in LATAM during most of 2022, especially […]
After two years of pandemic-driven disruption, an ongoing global slowdown is complicating ASEAN’s economic recovery. Although […]