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As the tax reform advances in Congress, it further veers from its original intent—with multiple exceptional […]
Given ongoing negotiations between the PSOE and the Catalan ERC and Junts parties, acting PM Pedro […]
Massive protests erupted in Panama in recent weeks against a new law that allows the Canadian […]
South-African Rand
Firms selling to the public sector should plan for muted demand growth and tough pricing negotiations […]
Key policies by the government will support domestic demand over the next 12 months New policies […]
The election results further decrease the so-called “Petro risk” in Colombia, as they limit the government’s […]
China stimulus package
The scale of the package is meager, so its impact is likely to be limited Multinationals […]
Senior officials of the US State Department announced a six-month relief of most sanctions imposed on […]
Hamas-Israel: Implications Iraq
Prolonged conflict will exacerbate security and economic risks Route-to-market disruptions remain highly likely in Baghdad as […]
While the second round appears more competitive than initially anticipated, Milei will likely moderate his anti-establishment […]
However, Chinese economic influence in Egypt could grow steadily over the medium term Multinationals should continue […]
States’ importance in total government CAPEX has grown in the past decade India’s large and complex […]
We maintain our view of further currency devaluation after the presidential election and more severe inflation […]
The recent uptick in gas prices highlights FrontierView’s expectations that multinationals will continue to experience structurally […]
Global Outlook for 2024
The recovery of purchasing power will be slow amid an environment of sticky inflation and high […]