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However, Chinese economic influence in Egypt could grow steadily over the medium term Multinationals should continue […]
States’ importance in total government CAPEX has grown in the past decade India’s large and complex […]
We maintain our view of further currency devaluation after the presidential election and more severe inflation […]
The recent uptick in gas prices highlights FrontierView’s expectations that multinationals will continue to experience structurally […]
Global Outlook for 2024
The recovery of purchasing power will be slow amid an environment of sticky inflation and high […]
Brazil Private Provider Review
Navigating the Complex Terrain of Hybrid Stakeholder Engagement The global pandemic created a new reality and […]
Markets respond favorably to results, but a number of potential hurdles remain The Law and Justice […]
The West’s greater engagement with Central Asia will have a limited impact in the near term, […]
With the election of Daniel Noboa, Ecuador selects another center-right president, easing fears of a resurgence […]
A hit to consumer demand will slow inflation in 2024, while policy intervention will help limit […]
Tourist arrivals will likely see a drop in the coming weeks Escalating tensions and violence in […]
War on Egypt’s eastern border could have multidimensional impacts on government finances, tourism, and energy security […]
Given the increasing macroeconomic misalignments, we maintain our view of a further currency devaluation after the […]
China Scenarios
Household spending will continue to lean toward services rather than goods Holiday travel has made a […]
Access will boost HUF and improve confidence, but the bulk of funding will remain on hold […]