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Multinationals should expect the Turkish government to constrain domestic demand while allowing gradual lira depreciation for the […]
Inflation and FX risks will prevent many central banks in the region from cutting interest rates […]
As the electoral campaigns unfold, Mexico’s key presidential candidates are revealing more details about their platforms. […]
While we do not foresee elections in 2024, we maintain our view of high political risk […]
Likely relaxation of climate policy casts doubt on achieving 2050 Net Zero ambition The likely success […]
This is likely to lead to divergences in monetary policy As we exit the shock of […]
The most radical reforms proposed by Faye are unlikely to be implemented in 2024 All multinationals […]
Despite significant inflation pressures and a decline of 1.5% QOQ in Q4 2023, private consumption avoided […]
Kremlin will seek to associate the terrorist attack with Ukraine to increase public anger against Ukrainians, […]
Firms should prepare for changes in Japan’s operational environment that will likely arise due to higher […]
After nearly two months of a state of emergency to combat crime, president Daniel Noboa has […]
south africa q4
A post-election boost to private sector sentiment will give way to lackluster activity through 2025 Companies […]
Labor market resilience and housing inflation are slowing the path down to the Fed’s 2% inflation […]
The risk of overcapacity looms large, as China’s demand will likely be too weak to absorb […]
Medium- and long-term fiscal stability could be at risk due to the government’s expansive spending agenda […]