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South Korea skyline
South Korea’s impressive recovery in recent quarters has largely been driven by exports and the manufacturing […]
On August 17, Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies delayed the vote on the proposed tax reform for […]
Consumer spending, 2022 budget focuses, and climbing vaccination rates set the scene for accelerating growth in […]
Ecuador Flag
Global economies have seen uncertain and uneven recoveries through 2021, and the story is no different […]
Amid a record-low voter turnout, Ibrahim Raisi won the presidential election. His cabinet lineup, awaiting parliament’s approval, includes […]
China’s vaccination rollout reached a billion doses this June, and the country continues to advance toward […]
Throughout the past year, Latin America inflation has been a problem. To combat rising prices, many central […]
The increase in wholesale natural gas prices is already showing up in electricity prices across the […]
Brazil flag and healthcare provider
Governments in Latin America still have not released clear strategies regarding how they will address the […]
Barely two weeks in power, the Pedro Castillo administration has been shaped by turmoil. Initial polling […]
China’s economic recovery is likely to become more balanced over the coming quarters, as a push […]
asean flag
Indonesia and the Philippines grew by 7.1% and 11.8% in Q2, respectively, and have exited the […]
Australia’s daily COVID cases are rising, causing restrictions to tighten across the country and creating uncertainty […]
The US and UK unveiled sanctions on Belarus on the one-year anniversary of fraudulent presidential elections […]
Policy interventions aimed at expanding healthcare access during the pandemic have resulted in growth across some […]